General sales of GALA started (2017/7)。
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We sell the following two models.
GALA SessionThe function of "GALA standard" can be used as it is. In addition to that, it is a model that you can enjoy playing with accompaniment.
GALA standardIt is a basic model of GALA, playing ethnic instruments all over the world by shaking.

Our product GALA

GALA is a musical instrument playing the sound of various ethnic instruments of the world only by shaking.
It is made of solid wood that was shaved off, and the touch is also very smooth. From children to adults can be enjoyed safely. 

  • There is no power switch, it will ring if you shake, it stops ringing if you stop. Depending on how to shake, it plays the sound instrument at random. You can switch to another instrument by clicking on the button on the side.
  • There are three types of sessions (mode to shake GALA according to accompaniment): India, Okinawa, Mexico. For example, Indian sessions can play sitar in line with BGM of Indian drums tabla.
Although it is a natural appearance, in fact it is a mechanism that the internal sensor detects the way to swing and puts out a sound according to the movement . Some instruments change timbres depending on the shaking strength.

Just shaking, 12 kinds of instruments, over 100 sounds overflow.
Music is a trigger to know the world easily.
If you close your eyes and shake GALA, it seems as if you are in a street corner of a foreign country.

How to play

1. With children

A child who tried to ring while taking a rhythm, a child who keeps swinging around in a row and out, a child who seems to be treating importantly and occasionally makes a ring. The child finds how to play more and more.

GALA has a passport-style booklet that explains the history and culture of instruments. Let's open it whenever interested. That will increase the appeal of GALA.

"This sound I like is Indonesian instruments!"
"I want to go and listen to real steel bread!"
While enjoying with your child you can broaden your interest in intercultural interests.
Next family travel destination may be found!

2. Of course for adults

Music has no age barrier. GALA is made by sticking to the sound quality and sound material, and adults are also made to enjoy enough.

A high texture of wood and a gentle and sophisticated design harmonize in any space up to the living room, study room, bedroom, and children's room.
For presents to music lover lovers. It is also a celebration to a friend who likes to travel.
If you bring it to a picnic or BBQ, you will definitely gather the attention of everyone!

The story that GALA was born

We are hoping that children who use GALA will travel and touch each other in the future with concern to various countries, cultures and people in the future.
Children are hard to take overseas trips, do they? It was a pity for members who liked traveling and wanted children to be able to easily feel like traveling in other countries. That was the reason we made GALA.

The attraction of travel is to meet unfamiliar cultures.
By placing various ethnic musical instruments where the culture of the country closely packed, it is possible to capture the sense of traveling even in everyday life. We thought so. It may be close to the sense that putting the globe at hand and making imagination in an unknown country.

Playing GALA will give you experience rather than knowledge. This is similar to traveling itself.
GALA with sounds from various countries is infinite depending on how you shake it and how it sounds in what kind of rhythm. The sounds of the world are waiting for you to meet you in GALA.

It is very difficult to take a child on a journey, pre-school babies can not enter a concert, the important time will pass while thinking that they would like to have a real experience. This GALA was created by parents who wanted to manage such a situation.

The shape with the rattle as a motif can easily shake the baby, and it is made easy for an adult to hold. It is designed to be safe even if the child licks with wooden exterior.

Design is friendly to children, and even if adults have it is stylish. As time goes by, it increases gloss and grows up to be yours alone.

The origin of the name GALA comes from the traditional toy rattle glass and the word GALA which means "festival" in French. It is the same as the "Gala Concert" used in the meaning of special performance etc. GALA is perfect for celebrations and gifts .

Based on the music experience at GALA, you will experience a journey on a journey and experience different cultures. If you feel GALA in existence like a bridge to the unknown world, there is nothing more pleasing for us.

Three features

1. Sounds like real instruments inside!

GALA sticks to sound quality and sound material, and adults are also made to enjoy enough. The sound material is raw recording (excluding some tone) of one sound each professional player plays, and is optimized for pronunciation by GALA speaker.
Also, GALA does not sound randomly. Analyzes the way sounds and the scale (for example, the Okinawa Sanshin is 5 scale) unique to the instrument are tuned, including how the sound engineer sounds.
It is for that reason that it sounds like a musical instruments just like it is shaken, and it sounds like a veteran player's improvised performance.

2. Simple UI for anyone!

GALA, like ethnic instruments, begins to sound when it shakes without turning the power on / off. If you leave it alone, the power will turn off without permission. With the intuitive interface , even a 1 year old child can ring without a parent's help.
People who actually experienced "I did not think that batteries were indeed contained" , but surprisingly, they are finished in a natural and analogy feeling that I can not think of as electronic products. It is a commitment of the foothills company that we want to cherish the feeling of "Want to play now".

3. A design for life-long use

Wood is a popular material for interior goods and furniture, but using it as the exterior of an electronic appliance is no easy task. Wood is exposed to the risk of shrinkage and warpage caused by changes in the season as well as the surroundings. This makes it rather unsuitable for housing electronic components such as circuit boards for which accuracy of size is a must. (For example, pushing a button lowers it by just 0.2mm, while a piece of wood 10cm in size would shrink or expand 0.5mm depending on the season.)
That is why we rarely see electronic appliances with a wooden exterior.

But we just couldn't let go of the idea.
We wanted to pursue the touch because GALA was something you hold. We wanted to ensure safety because children were one of our main users. We wanted to keep the tone generated by a wooden body. Most of all, we wanted to make a product that could be used over a life time by using a material that gains characteristic over time. GALA uses natural maple solid wood, the same material used for guitars and violins. We have a professional finishing o the product to give it a look of a craftwork.The soft-touch and sophisticated design fits in perfectly on a shelf as an interior. We want to cherish the touch because it is used by hand, because children use it, we want to stick to safety, we want to cherish the sound of the sound produced by the wooden casing, by making it a material that increases the taste due to secular change than anything else we want to make it a long-lasting product.

It is like a craftwork that sculptures natural maple used for guitar and violin etc., to be finished by craftsmen.
Even if it is placed on a shelf as an interior, it does not feel uncomfortable , finished in a soft and sophisticated design.

GALA manufacturing scene

GALA 's exterior timber cooperates with a woodworking maker in Aichi prefecture to produce innocuous maple material. Maple is excellent in strength and durability, it is characterized by beautiful grain. It is also said that the acoustic characteristics are very good, it is wood used old for guitar, violin, piano and so on.

GALA specification

How to play


* Product specifications may change.
General price\18,000 JPY
SizeLength: 130 mm, diameter 39 mm
Weight106g(Batteries included)
BatteriesTwo AAA batteries (alkaline batteries recommended)
Continuous use time3.5 hours (when using alkaline batteries)
Continuous standby time1 year (when using alkaline batteries)

Instruments in GALA


Voice of everyone who used mass production trial

Maker fair 2016 Voices and the like at the time of exhibition.

  • Let's play with GALA! GALA can be enjoyed across the border!

  • I did not think there was a machine inside! (woman in 20's)
  • Every instrument has a sound to touch the chord line. (woman in 30's)
  • It is very comfortable to transmit soft vibration from the tree to the hand when the sound is ringing! (woman in 30's)

  • Try simulating GALA

    We prepared a simulator that plays several instruments on the screen. Please try experiencing the fun of GALA.
    * This content is not faithfully reproduced GALA, it is a pseudo experience to experience
    GALA simulator (opens in another window)

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