We are participating in the Maker Faire 2016. Since introducing GALA at the Maker Faire 2014, we have made upgrades to expand the sound variety to three lineups, adding Okinawan instruments and animal sounds, and have started the production of a prototype. Please come and visit us to experience the renewed GALA with a totally new look.

Our product GALA

GALA is our electronic rendition of the traditional Japanese toy rattle "gara gara". On the outside, it's a simple product made of natural wood, but the inside consists of precisely designed circuits that generate a variety of sound with every shake.

Choose the sound that suits you

GALA comes in three lineups of sounds: WORLD, RYUKU, and ZOO.
Each lineup is comprised of about eight variations of sound. A push of the button will change the sound.
Depending on the sound you choose, you can enjoy various notes, even multiple notes simultaneously.
Sounds unique to each instrument is carefully tuned up; every time you shake GALA, you'll find yourself in another part of the world.

The attributes of GALA

GALA is a product to be enjoyed throughout one's life, as an infant, a toddler, grade schooler, a teenager, and eventually as an adult.
The exterior wood will develop a shine over time and gain its own characteristics.
The sounds played from GALA is something anyone can enjoy, regardless of where they come from, or the language they speak.



Safety is an important issue when it comes to things that children use. Not only the danger of injuries and swallowing, but also toxicity is worrisome for all parents.
GALA has a form designed to avoid children getting hurt or choking on the product. No worries if children puts it into their mouths, since the outside is natural wood.
We use oil-based wood stain made from naturally-sourced materials. We take great care to ensure the safety of our product.

How to use GALA

Playing with GALA is very easy. Just think of it as the traditional toy rattle.


Size130mm x 39mm x 39mm
Weight106g (including battery)
BatteryAAA battery x 2
Hours of uniterrupted use3.5 hours (with the use of alkaline batteries)
Hours on standby1 year (with the use of alkaline batteries)


Comments from people who experienced GALA prototype

Comments from visitors at the Maker Faire 2016 coming soon.

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